PS3 NAND/eMMC Flash Memory Dumper v2.0 - HDD Edition

by PS3Xploit Team:

W | esc0rtd3w | habib | bguerville

v2.0 Update crafted by: bguerville (ROP, Javascript & Debugging) | esc0rtd3w (Debugging & Testing)

Many thanks to xerpi for the userland memory leak exploit ps3 port, zecoxao & Joonie for their early & continued support, mysis for documenting vsh exports & plugins, the psdevwiki contributors of course, STLcardsWS for his long standing contribution & all ps3 community hackers/devs past & present, you know who you are...
Thanks as well to littlebalup for providing the idea & the related javascript used to make this HDD edition.

Supports OFW and CFW CEX Firmware versions 4.10 to 4.82
Supports OFW and CFW DEX Firmware version 4.81
Supports Phat Models Axx/Bxx/Cxx/Exx/Gxx
Supports SuperSlim Models 4xxx-A

Instructions/additional details & news on

Step 1:

Download the dump.jpg picture file to your PS3 internal HDD.

Press △ here then: File → Save Target → System Storage(Photo)

The picture will serve as placeholder for the dump. It will be saved on the PS3 as :

Step 2:

Wait for the exploit initialization to succeed...

Step 3: