Due to the lack of proper checks after exiting the ROP chain, it is possible in some cases to obtain a success message despite an operation failure. For instance, if you choose a path where no device is plugged in, a dumper page will still display a success message despite the fact the dump save could not work. This limitation has already been addressed, the added operation checks will be part of an update to these PS3Xploit tools which will be released in the coming weeks, that update will be final, no more will come after it.

    Will this jailbreak my SuperSlim?
  • NO, The closest thing we currently have to a CFW/Jailbreak is PS3HEN, which can run homebrew and shares some CFW features

  • Is my Model Compatible & Which Writer does my console need (NOR or NAND)?
  • All Models Are Compatible With Dumper

    • Writer Model Compatibility (PHAT):
    • A NAND
    • B NAND
    • C NAND
    • E NAND
    • G NAND
    • H NOR
    • J NOR
    • K NOR
    • L NOR
    • M NOR
    • P NOR
    • Q NOR

      Writer Model Compatibility (SLIM):
    • 20XX NOR
    • 21XX NOR
    • 25XX NOR (3.56 and Lower)

    • 25XX NOR (3.60 and Higher)
    • 3XXX NOR

    • 4XXXA EMMC
    • 4XXXB NOR
    • 4XXXC NOR

    Can I install a CFW before 4.85, such as Rebug 4.82 or an earlier CFW?
  • Yes, however you must Toggle QA Flag. Once the Token is activated you have the ability to then freely jump CFW versions. (see below for details)

  • How do I Toggle QA Flag?
  • When on a CFW download & install >>> QA TOGGLER (Standalone), (Note: Will just show a black screen then reboot the PS3 and returns to xmb. A Restart is Required. After toggling QA, cfw syscalls will be disabled (meaning your CFW patches will be disabled until the next boot, so a reboot is required after the Toggler exits back to the XMB.) Additional Info about Q/A flag can be seen here ( & also @ PS3Devwiki)

  • Should i use the "999 Downgrader" vs "Toggle QA" to install a different CFW?
  • No, installing the "999 downgrader" PUP can cause various issues like on a 3.56 minver console, it can brick the console, simply just Toggle the Q/A Flag and play it safe and is so simple to move from CFW versions (up and down from version to version).

  • How do i know for sure if my PS3 Model is compatible ?
  • You must have a PS3 Console that has a Factory Firmware of 3.56 and below.
  • To check, its easy with this simple tool for OFW, Download minverchk PUP
  • Then place the .pup file on a FAT32 USB Flash Drive in a PS3/UPDATE folder (create path if needed)
  • Now on the PS3 XMB goto Setting ->> System Update >>> Update via Media Storage
  • Once shown on the list select the PUP and install, shortly after there will be a message showing the factory firmware the console was shipped,
  • For this we want 3.56 and below. ANYTHING HIGHER THEN 3.56 IS NOT ABLE INSTALL A CFW. Sorry this will not work for your console, but there could be a HEN (Homebrew Enabler) possible for running homebrew, but additional research and time is needed for achievement, additional details can be read here.

  • What is the basic purpose of the Writer & Dumper Tools Release?
  • The dumper is to get a backup of the NAND, NOR, and eMMC chip

  • The writer is to jailbreak your console. (Adding a patch to OFW to allow CFW installation)

  • Do I have to setup my own web server or can (has) someone host this?
  • You can use this website unless we are experiencing slowdown issues on server, then you can download local files using dropdown menu on top.

  • Where can i find the latest 4.85 CFW?
  • This thread in the psx-place.com forums.

  • Where can i find PS3 Homebrew?
  • PSX-Place.com
  • Brewology.com

  • New to PS3 CFW Community (Have CFW now installed and want to know a bit more)?
  • Here is a thread being started in the forums, An Intro to CFW & PS3 Homebrew . Covers various basic of firmware types and some essential apps. The thread is a WIP so expect additional items to be added.

  • PSX-Place Member @lord3490 provided some extra FAQs, to which the PS3Xploit team also added information.

    ‚Äč Q: the console shut down and beeped when using the exploit, however I'm getting an error when trying to install cfw?
  • A: there are a couple of possible reasons for that: 1. Did you make sure you flashed the correct file (nand/nor)? See q/a above 2. Try different 4.82 CFWs and make sure the md5 is correct after copying to fat32 thumb drive. 3. Try a different USB thumb drive or reformat it. 4. Install HFW 4.85 two times in a row then apply the patch using the PS3Xploit flash writer & finally install a 4.85 CFW. That should always solve the issue. 5. As a last resort, make a backup and format internal HDD (I just read that solved the problem for one user).

  • Q: when will there be a CFW or a HEN type of hack for newer ps3 models?
  • A: CFW (Custom Firmware): Not Possible HEN (Homebrew Enabler): you may be able to use homebrew (even backup managers) later on. The devs are working on it and they won't be faster or release it earlier because you ask. The PS Vita / PlayStation TV use a HEN exploit (HENkaku) to give you a idea on what a HEN is for those of you who have followed the Vita Scene. You will here it first here and from psx-place.com the official home of the PS3Xploit Team